The Stingers Remixes Hit Town Part 1 Album Cover Contest


For our next Truly Outrageous contest, we are calling on you to come up with a brand new album cover design.

The winning design will grace the cover of a new CD titled "The Stingers Remixes Hit Town Part 1" that will be made available at JemCon 2019: Believe in Buffalo.

When is the JemCon 2019 Album Cover Contest?
This year's Album Cover Contest will be open from July 16th, 2019 to August 16th, 2019.

What is the theme for this year's album cover design contest?
This year's album cover will be exclusively featured on a new compilation being put together for JemCon 2019: Believe in Buffalo. The album will be a remix/mashup compilation CD called "The Stingers Remixes Hit Town Part 1". We're asking for submissions of original art, featuring The Stingers as well any other character(s) from the Jem universe. The words "The Stingers Remixes Hit Town Part 1" are optional for your design, however, the winning design will have the title added to it before printing.

Do I have to draw my contest entry?
Absolutely not! Do not feel the need to limit your creativity to one medium. We encourage all types of creativity in the album cover design contest, including (but not limited to), drawing, painting, photography, digital production, etc, etc. We only ask that no copyrighted images are used in your design.

What happens once all the entries have been received?
All entries from the JemCon 2019 Album Cover Design Contest will be reviewed by the judging panel after the contest closes. Once the winning design has been selected, an announcement will be made in August. The winning design will be featured on an exclusive CD compilation album, "The Stingers Hit Town Part 1", for JemCon 2019: Believe In Buffalo, which will be distributed to all JemCon 2019 attendees as well as those purchasing supporting memberships.

What does the winner get?
The winner of the JemCon 2019 Album Cover Design Contest will receive an outrageous prize pack of goodies, in addition to two copies of the produced CD with album art.

How do I buy a JemCon 2019 "The Stingers Remixes Hit Town Part 1" compilation CD?
If you would like to purchase a JemCon 2019 "The Stingers Remixes Hit Town Part 1" compilation CD, please register for your supporting or attending membership package now.

JemCon 2019 FanFic Contest

Welcome to the JemCon 2019 Fan Fiction Contest! We have an opportunity for you to put your creativity to the test. The JemCon team is very excited to receive your stories.


This year's fanfic contest will be open from June 3rd, 2018 to July 25th, 2019.


The main theme of this year's fanfic is "The Stingers in a camping crisis!"

It’s Rapture’s birthday. She uses this fact to convince her disgruntled band mates to go with her on a 3-day camping excursion. Naturally, Minx and Riot are less than thrilled about the idea. Misadventures and mishaps ensue. 

Your fanfic should include the following elements:
  1. A camp fire
  2. Someone having an allergic reaction to flowers
  3. The sentence, “Rapture’s an alien.”
  4. Buffalo wings

2019 Fashion Contest

JemCon 2019's Official Fashion Design Contest will celebrate the animal magnetism of our favorite bands! Since it takes place in Buffalo,NY we decided this year would be a little wild with an animal theme! Its a perfect opportunity to BEEcome inspired. What will the winning fashion BEE? You can chose from any animal ( or insect!) Will it be a zebra print for a Misfit or leopard print for a Stinger? You could even do dazzling fun fur for a Hologram! We hope you will all be A BUZZ with excitement! Remember, BEE creative!