2018 FanFic Cover Contest


Note: This contest is now closed


For our next truly outrageous contest, we are inviting everybody to submit cover art that will grace this year's fan fiction.
Have you ever judged a book by it's cover? For this year's FanFic Cover Art contest, we are asking you to design a cover for JemCon 2018's Official FanFic, which will be called "Hall of Fame Holograms".
What does the cover of this story look like?

Planning Your Trip to Cleveland

Planning Your Trip

If you’re trying to make the most of your JemCon experience have no fear. It’s not a coincidence that we picked the “Home of Rock n Roll” to host JemCon 2018. Whether you’re a music fan, art fan, foodie, animal lover, or sports fan, there’s LOTS to do in Cleveland! The following list is organized by activity type along with information on how far these activities are from the JemCon hotel as well as what the activities cost so you can make sure you plan a truly outrageous trip!!


JemCon 2018 Staff

The Staff for JemCon 2018: Click/Clash in Cleveland are all ecstatic to be bringing JemCon to Ohio.

Here's a breakdown and a bit of background information on all the hard working individuals who, through a team effort, bring to you this truly outrageous event in your Jem calendar!

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