2016 Poster Reveal

Little miss pink hair will be green with envy when she finds out her arch nemesis is trying to upstage her once again! The talented Amjara (Olga - Amjara on Deviantart) added a touch of "Pizzazz" to this year's mischievous poster for JemCon 2016: Up 'n Rockin' in Upstate New York. This is the first ever appearance of our favorite green haired rocker on a JemCon souvenir poster, so don't miss out! Register today to receive yours at JemCon and have it autographed at this year's convention by special guest Patricia Alice Albrecht, the speaking voice of Pizzazz from the animated series!

Click the image to the left to see the full-size image!

First Guest for 2016! Patricia Alice Albrecht

Here's some exciting news that's sure to add Pizzazz to your day! We are pleased to announce that Patricia Alice Albrecht is our first special guest for JemCon: Up 'n Rockin' In Upstate New York! Patricia portrayed the speaking voice of Jem's arch rival Pizzazz, sassing "little miss pink hair" with memorable one liners and making plenty of mischief along the way. You can read a longer bio on our guests page.

Database Issues Resolved

We had some database issues but we restored a backup from yesterday and fixed a few other issues while we were at it. Overall the site should now be faster. This has been a short notice just to let you know that some stuff that happened yesterday may have been eaten by the data gremlins.


Maintenance Update

Hey everybody.

Having a great new year? We're a month in and yes Damon is doing things in the background as well as writing in the third person. A dedicated mobile site is in-progress and will be available for those of you who have trouble. The mobile site will be accessible from the PC as well in case any of you just prefer it. The mobile site may not have all the features at launch but I'd like to at least get the message board up.