Special Announcement Regarding JemCon 2020

To all past, future and potential JemCon attendees:

In these truly extraordinary times, when you're not sure what to believe or not to believe, the JemCon staff would like to make an official statement regarding the status of JemCon 2020.

As much as we know that love unites us, our top priority remains keeping our guests and JemCon family members safe and sound.

It takes a lot to pull together JemCon, so the JemCon staff is still busily puttin' it all together behind the scenes, working on TWO versions of JemCon 2020 in parallel:

  • the previously announced, truly outrageous, glittering golden in-person celebration scheduled for August 28-30 in Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • an online experience, culminating in the ultimate audio-visual, synthesized virtual JemCon over the weekend of August 28-30

    Whether we go with either version (or a hybrid approach), we believe that the heart of JemCon remains in the shared love, community and belonging that we create together. Although the format may look and feel very different than the ones that came before, our destiny could be to grow this family and be even stronger and more inclusive for when this hard, hard life gets back in shape.

    We will continue to evaluate this ever-evolving situation and will provide updates as needed. We plan to make a final announcement about the format no later than the end of June 2020.

    We will be adjusting some of our options, timelines and refund policy to account for this uncertainty.

    Please feel free to register at any point to show your support and intention to join us in 2020 (whether in-person or holographically).

    Register with confidence that your registration fees will be refunded if your circumstances change -- whether it be financial hardships, travel issues, health concerns, technology limitations, preference for in-person over virtual (or vice versa) — or can be converted to a supporting membership, etc.

    As for travel, we recommend that you hold off making non-refundable plans until the announcement in June. Luckily, our JemCon hotel rooms allow for no-penalty cancellation up to 48 hours before check-in!

    Registrations and hotel bookings will help us better plan for whatever outcome and the space/technology needed.

    Depending on the situation by early June, we may also send a survey to gather this information from you directly.

    Details are still being worked out, but please contact us at [email protected] and we will try to address any concerns. Also, reach out if you just need to be connected to a friend (or stranger) if you're feeling alone again. We are here to help!

    We appreciate your patience and understanding during these difficult and unprecedented times and hope that you and your loved ones all remain safe, sane and healthy.

    The JemCon community is filled with people who care and we believe in happy endings!

    (Please feel free to share this message in any groups you think would find it relevant.)

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