Pre-JemCon Thursday Outing


Do you remember the Jem episode "The Jazz Player", when Stormer pursued Aja through the Underground City in Seattle?
Did you know that the Underground City is real, and you can visit it with us?
We're excited to announce this year's pre-JemCon activity happening Thursday October 5th. If you plan to be in Seattle early and would like to participate in some sight-seeing with a group of Jem fans, this is your chance for some Truly Outrageous fun. Friend or Stranger, all JemCon attendees are encouraged to participate. Make new friends or see some familiar faces as we Set Our Sails for adventure.
(Please note that below activities are not included with registration packages, and are optional extras that must be paid for by attendees).
Thursday October 5th
1:00pm: Meet in Hotel Lobby
1:30pm: We will be taking the T Monorail to Seattle Center, about an hour's worth of travel
3:00pm: Duck Boat Tour (officially called "Ride the Ducks of Seattle") starts from Seattle Center
5:00pm: Upon conclusion of Duck Boat Tour, assemble to travel to Bill Speidel's for the Underground Tour.
6:00pm: Bill Speidel's Underground Tour begins
7:15pm: End of Underground Tour, reassemble for dinner in the area.
9:30pm: Commute back to the hotel

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