Pre-JemCon Activities

Pre-JemCon Activities

Note: All meals and optional activities (museum admission, lake equipment rentals) are things that you will choose and pay for individually. See the information at the end of the page for more details.

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

2:30 PM: Meet at hotel, board van(s)
3:00 PM: Arrive at Minneapolis Sculpture Garden/Walker Art Center
5:15 PM: Board van(s)
5:30 PM: Arrive at Electric Fetus record store
7:00 PM: Board van(s)
7:30 PM: Arrive for dinner at Betty Danger’s Supper Club
9:30 pm??: Oh, the possibilities! (See below)

We’ll start at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to ramble through the art, including the Spoonbridge and Cherry. You can also visit historic Loring Park, gawk at some historic churches, take a 5-minute bus trip to Uptown or Downtown Minneapolis, or visit the internationally-regarded Walker Art Center ($15 for adults, open until 5:00 PM.)

Next, we head to the Electric Fetus, our historic record store and music paraphernalia emporium.

We’ll have dinner at Betty Danger’s Country Club, possibly on the mini golf course or The Danger, their “vertical revolving patio.” Vegan and vegetarian options!

Afterwards, interested parties can do a freestyle bar crawl in downtown Minneapolis, perhaps including The Saloon and the legendary Gay 90’s. Others can join Liz for a ramble across the Washington Avenue Bridge for a dramatic view of the Mississippi River and the site of JemCon 2005. We will make sure everyone who needs a ride gets back to the hotel.

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

11:30 AM: Meet at hotel, board vans
12:00 PM: Arrive at Midtown Global Market for lunch, shopping
2:00 PM: Board vans
2:30 PM: Arrive at Bde Maka Ska (and Lake of the Isles)
4:30 PM: Board vans
5:00 PM: Arrive at Mall of America for dinner and the whole shebang
9:30 PM: Mall closes, we head back to the hotel. Pool party?

The fun starts at the vibrant Midtown Global Market for lunch and shopping.

After lunch, we’ll head to our premier lake, Bde Maka Ska, for boating, biking, walking, swimming, or hanging out on the beach (or going to Uptown – 8 min. walk or bus) – your choice, fees on your own.

To cap the day, we’ll head to the Mall of America, have dinner, and just be mall rats. The MoA features an amusement park, an aquarium, and other experiences. It also rents scooters and wheelchairs. (Also, IKEA is across the street.)

General Pre-JemCon Stuff

  • PLEASE REGISTER! There is no cost to register for Pre-JemCon activities.
  • If you have ALREADY registered for JemCon, register for Pre-JemCon by e-mailing [email protected]
  • If you have not yet registered for JemCon, Pre-JemCon options are included in the main registration.
  • We ask that you register so we can provide the right number of vans and drivers, make Wednesday dinner reservations, and know who to expect in the vans (so we don’t leave you behind!).
  • Closer to the date, we will create Facebook events for each day.
  • Any donations toward the cost of the vans will be greatly appreciated.
  • If you prefer, you may drive, use a ride-hailing service, bike using Nice Ride, or take transit on your own. All locations are reachable on the Metro Transit bus/train system. Some locations (MoA, hotel) are less bikeable.
  • You may join us at any point (or skip any segment) on either day. We will keep to the posted times so latecomers can join us, and will also share contact cell phone numbers.
  • Costs of meals, shopping, any independent transit, and rental equipment on the lakes are on your own.
  • Expect the weather to be sunny and warm, averaging 85F-90F/29C-32C. Bring sunscreen and walking shoes!
  • If it rains - not terribly likely, but not impossible - we'll have indoor options.
  • If your plans change, please let us know! You may cancel your registration via email to [email protected]
  • Questions? Message us on Facebook or email [email protected]. Liz is delighted to be your travel consultant for Pre-JemCon and for further recommendations and tips for the Twin Cities and the whole region.

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