JemCon 2017

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I had so much fun at JemCon 2017!
What was everyone's favourite moment at the con?

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Ooh that's a tough one. I think I liked my quality time with all you guys best.

Or Keith's panel. That was good too.

Please PM me if you have issues.
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I don't know if I can pick a favorite... I think for me seeing Garth and Jamie doing Alone Again during the masquerade/disco would have to be my favorite moment. It was mixed emotions, lol, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I do echo Synthguy, though. I do love Jem, but getting to see my best friends in the whole world for a whole weekend once a year is favorite enough.

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Somehow the performances slipped my mind. I actually think I preferred grunge Jem to Alone Again. That thrashing is how I danced for... a long time. Probably longer than I should admit to on a message board. Oh well.

Please PM me if you have issues.
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To me JemCon is about my true friends here on the messageboard and the cartoon series second. However, it seems all my friends here are gone. I don't know if everyone is mad at me for finding myself or not. What good is it to be on here if everyone I came back to be with is gone?

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I had a special moment with Louise Dorsey when I got to do her makeup before the disco!

My other fave (after con hours) was when Jansen reached for one of Ilana's french fries and she screamed "NOOOOOOOOO" like she was posessed by a demon!!!

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You had a special moment with her after Sharp's if I remember correctly when you shared your, um, video with her ; )

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