2016 Rock Star Fashion Contest Winner Announcement!

Thank you to all the designers who submitted some outrageous fashion concepts! The fans have voted and we are pleased to announce that the winner of this year's JemCon official fashion design contest is...

This elegant fashion was designed by Michael Golliher. With a beautiful space-black gown and a pink shooting star adorning the shoulder, this look will make your every rock and roll wish come true! Pink netting blazes a trail of stardust around the midsection for an out-of-this-world walk down the red carpet. The black dress is embellished with a two-dimensional pink star on shoulder and wrapped around with pink netting.

This design will be produced in doll size as our official JemCon souvenir fashion and Michael will also receive an outrageous prize pack courtesy of Jem 'n Friends and Diva Crafts! This prize pack includes an exciting Jem comic box set of issue #1, a beautiful vintage Jem doll wearing a custom interpretation of one of our favorite outfits and two gorgeous custom fashions (Integrity doll not included) by Diva Crafts.

Congratulations to Michael and many thanks to Jem 'n Friends and Diva Crafts for making this year's JemCon fashion contest outrageous!