2005 - Minneapolis, MN

JemCon 2005: Mischief in Minneapolis was the first JemCon, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July 2005, organized by JemCon founder Elizabeth Pemberton.
It was held on the University of Minnesota campus in conjunction with a My Little Pony™ collectors show,
and was attended by over 50 Jem™ fans, vendors, and collectors.

JemCon 2005 was a one-day event featuring doll
collection displays, panels discussions, and workshops book-ended by social and shopping opportunities in around Minneapolis.

JemCon 2005 Official Fashion Design

JemCon Founder - Liz Pemberton

One of the unique features of JemCon is the limited edition fashion produced for each convention, from a winning design chosen from entries
submitted in the annual JemCon Fashion Contest.

Each fashion is designed and crafted to fit a 12½" fully-poseable fashion doll, and designed by a Jem™ fan specifically for the convention!

The JemCon 2005 fashion was designed by Jayk and produced by Jemgirl.